Level 1 Talents

Secret Breath
You may take a second wind as a minor action instead of a standard action.

Air Render
Standard Action
MP Cost: 1
Range 5; Target: 1 creature
Attack: PAtk vs. Ref
Hit: 1[W]+PAtk wind damage

Level 2 Talents

While you have full HP, you receive a +1 bonus to all attack rolls.

Requires Secret Breath
When you take a second wind, you may make a saving throw against an effect a save can end.

Level 3 Talents

Requires Boost
While you are bloodied, you score critical hits on a natural 19-20.

You may choose to have your basic strikes deal holy damage instead of weapon damage.

Level 4 Talent

Doom Fist
Standard Action
MP Cost: 4
Melee 1; Target: 1 enemy
Attack: PAtk vs. Fort
Hit: PAtk damage and the target is doomed until the end of the encounter, or until you drop to 0 HP.


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