Character Creation

Character Creation

Step 1: Pick a Job

A player character is defined by their Job. It determines that character’s base stats, how those stats grow, and what special talents they can learn. A character has five basic stats determined by their Job:

  • Physical Attack (PAtk)
  • Magical Attack (MAtk)
  • Fortitude (Fort)
  • Reflex (Ref)
  • Will (Will)

Then, the character has these derived stats, determined by a combination of their other stats, their race, and their equipment.

  • Health Points (HP)
  • Magic Points (MP)
  • Armor (AC)
  • Initiative (Init)
  • Speed (Spd)

Step 2: Pick a Race

Most Final Fantasy characters are human. In fact, in many settings, human is the only race available. Other settings have a myriad of races available. Each race provides a couple small bonuses. To offset this, non-human characters only have 5 character points to customize their character with instead of 7.

Step 3: Pick Talents

The player picks two level 1 talents from their Job’s talent trees. The talents may be from the same tree or different ones.

Step 4: Pick Skills

Think of four things your character is good at outside of combat. Write those down as your character’s skills. Then, discuss with your GM, and determine if a skill is broad, focused, or specialized. “Athletics” would be an example of a broad skill. So would “Performance,” or “Diplomacy,” or “History,” or “Monster Lore.”

Broad skills cover a wide variety of tasks, and are useful in many situations. A skill is broad if the GM thinks it has the potential to come up every session, or every other session. They start at +6. Examples of Broad skills include:

  • Athletics
  • Persuasion
  • History
  • Lore

Focused skills are obviously a little more, well… focused. They have a much narrower purview than broad skills, and thus are a little stronger. The GM should consider a skill focused if he can think of it coming up every 2-3 sessions. Focused skills start at +9. Examples of focused skills include:

  • Climbing
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Balance
  • Seduction
  • Intimidation
  • Monster Lore
  • Arcane Lore
  • Repair
  • Etiquette
  • Riding
  • Piloting
  • Gambling
  • Performance

Specialized skills are very narrow. They usually focus on one very narrow subject or location, or require a specific item. They are skills the GM can imagine only coming up only a few times in the whole story, or can easily imagine sabotaging. Specialized skills begin at +12. Examples include:

  • Blitzball
  • Chocobo Breeding
  • Piloting the Highwind
  • Dance the Sending
  • Flan Lore
  • Judge Lore
  • Midgard Lore
  • Dalmascan Politics
  • Bartending
  • Gardening
  • Butterfly Catching

Keep in mind that the GM is only assessing the hypothetical frequency of the skill when determining its breadth. If a player somehow wrangles it so that they’re rolling their Blitzball skill every session, that’s fine. It doesn’t suddenly become a broad skill.

Step 5: Assign Character Points

The player then has 7 character points they can use to further customize their character. A Character Point may be spent to:

  • Increase PAtk, MAtk, Fort, Ref, or Will by 1. (Max +2 per stat)
  • Increase HP or MP by 2 (Max +6 each)
  • Add a +3 bonus to initiative (Max +6)
  • Increase a skill by +3 (Max +3 per skill)
  • Buy a new skill

Character Creation

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