Item Mastery

Level 1 Talents

Throw Potion
Items you use with a range of melee 1 can be thrown as a range 5 instead.

Defensive Item
You never provoke opportunity attacks for throwing an item.

Level 2 Talents

Potions you administer heal an amount of damage equal to the target’s bloodied value.

Power Bomb
You may add your MAtk to the damage of any Grenades, Malboro Breaths, and Hourglasses you throw.

Level 3 Talents

Perfect Remedy
Requires Hi-Potion
The saving throw granted by remedies you administer automatically succeeds.

Requires Power Bomb
Any items you throw with an area of burst 1 becomes area burst 2.

Level 4 Talent

True Craftsman
Half the CP cost of any items you craft, to a minimum of 1 CP.

Item Mastery

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