Spell Mastery

Spell mastery talents modify spells as they are cast. Only one spell mastery talent can be applied to a spell at a time. You do not have to apply any spell mastery talents you know when you cast a spell.

Level 1 Talents

Ranged spells you cast change their range to area burst 1 within (the spell’s original range), and the target changes to creatures in the burst. MP cost modifer: x2

Spells you cast whose effects end at the end of your next turn, may instead have a duration of save ends. MP cost modifier: x1.5

Level 2 Talents

Spells with a target of one creature have their target changed to one or two creatures. MP cost modifier: x2

A spell may have its initial effects delayed and set to a trigger of the caster’s choosing. For example, a white mage may cast Life with the trigger: the first time the target drops to 0 HP or less. Or a black mage may cast Aero with the trigger: the first time the target moves adjacent to me. Enchantments last until the end of the encounter, and any given creature may only have one enchantment on it at a time, with newer enchantments overwriting older ones. MP cost modifier: x2

Level 3 Talents

A spell with a casting time of a standard action may instead be cast as a minor action. MP cost modifier: x2

Ranged spells you cast become close burst 1 spells. Their target changes to creatures in burst. MP cost modifier: x2

Level 4 Talent

The spell is an automatic critical hit, or if it does not have an attack roll, all dice rolled for effect are maximized. MP cost modifier: x3

Spell Mastery

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