Level 1 Talents

Once per turn when you hit with a basic strike and you have combat advantage, you may add +1[W] do the damage roll.

If you have cover or concealment from an enemy, you become hidden. Cover from allies does not count. While you are hidden, enemies no longer know your precise location, and have to guess which square you’re in. Even if they choose the right square, they have a -5 to hit you with melee and ranged attacks (area and close attacks suffer no penalty). You have combat advantage against enemies you begin your turn hidden from.

Level 2 Talents

First Strike
You have combat advantage against enemies who have not yet acted during combat.

Ghost in the Shadows
Requires Hide
You may move between hiding spots without ever becoming visible to enemies you are hidden from.

Level 3 Talents

Requires Backstab
When you backstab a foe, you may choose to forego your +1[W] bonus. If you do so, the target is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Lost in the Crowd
Requires Hide
Cover from allies counts towards being hidden.

Level 4 Talent

Requires Hide and Hamstring
While you have combat advantage from being hidden, your basic strikes score critical hits on a roll of 18-20.


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