Summons Mastery

Level 1 Talents

Minor Action
MP Cost: variable
Range 5; Targets: your eidolon
Effect: the eidolon heals 2 HP per MP you spent to cast Channel.

You may command your eidolon to take a move action as a minor action.

Level 2 Talents

Resilient Eidolon
Requires Channel
Your eidolons have HP equal to 3x your max MP. Additionally, Channel heals 3 HP per MP spent.

Journeyman Summoner
You unlock your eidolon’s tier 2 power.

Level 3 Talents

Massive Eidolon
Requires Resilient Eidolon
Eidolons you summon increase their size by one category (medium become large, large become huge).

Master Summoner
Requires Journeyman Summoner
You unlock your eidolon’s tier 3 power.

Level 4 Talent

Half MP
Your spells and eidolon powers cost half as much MP rounded up to use.

Summons Mastery

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